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There is something magical about being able to freeze time and print it out! I am a artistic published photographer that really enjoys the experience and the joys of photography. I couldn't put a label to the type of photographer I am, that would stick me in a box. I have no limits to my creativity.  Thank you for your visit! May our paths cross again someday!

Much love,

Nikki G.


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I am a multi-medium artist with a passion for authentic creative energy! 

Originally from Northern New Mexico, born with a passion for life. I have had one full blown eventful life leading up to where I am today. Obtaining many accomplishments from sports, art, academic achievements, massive networking, mindset, and career success. 

Graduated from Itt Technical Institute at 20 years young with my associates in Computer Aided Drafting Design, and started working 2 days after graduation, immediately started working towards my bachelors. I have had an amazing time being a drafter and have work on a diverse amount of projects, learning a vast amount softwares. A highlight of my career was working as a Design Drafter / Graphic Designer for Fender Musical Instruments for several years. 

I have always had a passion for all forms of art. I have always worked with several mediums. I have been noticed as an artist and in art shows since a very young age. A medium that is most use currently in my life is photography and everything that comes with it. I have been published in several magazines, won several awards, and have had several pieces in several art shows. I donate a lot of artwork for many charities for good causes. I also photograph a lot of events for charity!

Mindset, spirituality, love, inspiration, creativity, music, energy, vibration.. Those words  pretty sums up who I am. 

Everything is limitless.. Anything is Possible... Mindset is everything!!!